How to Choose an Adequate Pool Filter

If you want your pool to be clean at all times, then you must not omit to get a quality filter. How to do you know what’s best to get these days? There are some features that matter a lot when shopping for a product like this. Therefore, if you are interested in this subject, then here is how to choose an adequate pool filter.

How many types of filters are available on the market these days?

Nowadays, you will find on the market sand, cartridge, and DE pool filters. We are going to talk a bit about each model, so that you understand exactly how they work. Sand pool filters are the most popular units these days. They are reasonably priced, which is without a doubt a great advantage. Therefore, if you are looking for the most economical solution, then you certainly need to go for a sand filter. Beside the fact that sand filters are the most affordable models available on the market these days, they are also quite durable. They last up to 10 years. The only disadvantage is that they do not catch particles smaller than microns. Cartridge units are without a doubt more efficient that sand models for a number of reasons. They can clean very well the water, by removing even the finest dirt and dust particles. Moreover, they are very easy to maintain. What you actually need to do is to remove the cartridge from the filter housing, and then just spray it with water. You will also save some money, as you will not need to buy expensive pool chemicals. The last category of filters, the DE ones, are without a doubt extremely efficient and very expensive as well. These units can remove with ease contaminants as small as 1 to 3 microns in size, which means that your pool will be highly cleaned.

Choose the right filter for your pool

Let’s see how to choose an adequate pool filter. The first thing you need to do is to calculate your pool’s capacity. A too small filter can cause damage to your pool’s pump, which is exactly what you must avoid. The capacity of a swimming pool is actually the amount of water the pool holds in gallons. Make sure you know exactly your pool’s capacity before you actually go shopping. Once you know the capacity, you need to calculate the flow rate. Once you do this as well, and once you have already chosen the type of filter you want to install, the only thing you need to do is to compare different brands and models of filters.