Is it Worth Investing in a Salt Water Chlorine Generator

Salt water chlorine generators are starting to become a trend in pool maintenance and most of the latest pools have such a system installed. This is what arouses the interest of pool owners who want to know why is this pool cleaning system so sought for and whether or not it is a worthy investment. To determine these aspects, lets take a closer look at how a salt water chlorine generator works and which are its benefits and drawbacks.

How a salt water chlorine generator works

As the name itself suggests, this system involves salt and chlorine in the pool cleaning process, so which is the difference between using it and chlorinating your pool? The answer is in the working method and the result. It’s true hat this system still uses chlorine, which is not very pleasant or safe, but the amounts of chlorine are much smaller. In fact, there is no chlorine added to the water, but salt that goes through the generator and comes out as chlorine. This means there will be much less chlorine added to the pool water.

Using a salt water chlorine generator is safer for you

The fewer the chlorine you add to the pool, the fewer the side effects like dry skin, irritated eyes, or breathing problems. Using a salt water chlorine generator eliminates the need to use chlorine tablets so the pool water will not carry all the chlorine that you usually react negatively to. This means that swimming will be more comfortable and you will no longer experience the unpleasantness caused by chlorinating your pool.

Your pool will stay cleaner while using a salt water generator

A pool cleaned with a salt water chlorine generator is less likely to have algae and debris issues because the cleaning process is constant and there is no time for the water to get dirty. The pool water’s chlorine levels will always be kept under control so there will be no risk of developing algae or bacteria. From this point of view, this system is more advantageous than chlorinating the pool.

The costs and maintenance of a salt water generator are high

Last, but not least, it is the cost issue that concerns anyone when it comes to pool maintenance. The initial cost of a salt water chlorine generator varies from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on its power that needs to match the pool’s size. A 20,000-gallon pool will need around 6 bags of salt per year that will cost a total of $36. Add to that the cell that costs around $500 and needs to be changed once every 7 years, the muriatic acid that costs $7 and needs to be frequently added to the pool, or the zinc anode that protects the metallic parts of your pool and costs around $100. Also, you will need to constantly check the water chemical levels to make sure they are under control.