The Right Way to Keep a Hot Tub Clean

A hot tub is a big investment that can offer you a lot of unforgettable moments and the chance to have a lot of fun, but only if you take proper care of it. In case you neglect cleaning the hot tub, you might end up with an unpleasant rash or infection because of the dirty environment. Therefore, if you own a hot tub, you must make sure that you keep it clean and safe for use at all times. To find out the right way to keep a hot tub clean, continue to read our article.

Sanitize the hot tub using chlorine or bromine

In order to make the hot tub safe for use, you must sanitize it regularly using chlorine or bromine. To make sure that you’re not adding too much chlorine or bromine, use test strips to make sure the PPM levels remain within safe parameters. In case you are using chlorine, put about 2 tablespoons of chlorine inside the hot tub’s water every day. If you go with bromine, add 1-inch bromine tablets until the test strip shows levels between 3.0 and 5.0. Repeat this action daily.

Clean the filter once per month

The filter of the hot tub must be kept clean in order for the hot tub to perform at its best at all times, and for it to be safe for use as well. It’s best to clean the filter once per month. Purchase a hot tub filter cleaner for this task. Also, make sure that you replace the filter once a year.

Change the water once every three months

Under normal conditions of use, the water of the hot tub must be changed once every three months. If you use the hot tub excessively, you can change the water more often. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After you empty the hot tub, use a cleaner to remove the chemical build up that results from bromine or chlorine products, and the organic build up. When you finish cleaning the build up, refill the hot tub and enjoy using it once again.

Shock the hot tub every week

No matter if there have been a lot of bathers in the hot tub during the week or not, you still have to shock it. Once every week, put an odorizer in the hot tub for it to kill the waste and bacteria left behind by the people who have used it. Depending on which sanitizer you usually use in the hot tub, bromine or chlorine, use that sanitizer to shock the hot tub. In order to shock it, you must add a large quantity of sanitizer in the hot tub at once.