Tips for Fixing Cloudy Pool Water

Nothing is more unpleasant and annoying about having a pool than seeing the cloudy water that takes away all the fun in swimming. If you would swim in that water, you would likely experience swollen eyes, so you should get it fixed immediately. Our useful tips will help you fix cloudy pool water in a blast so you can keep enjoying your home swimming pool.

Cover the pool to keep debris away

Cloudy pool water can often be caused by stuff that falls in the water while you keep it uncovered. Dust, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, sand, and other impurities contribute to making the pool water look cloudy. If it gets to rain in your pool and even if the sun shines for too long directly over the pool, the water can get cloudy. Therefore, protect the pool water from the environmental debris as much as possible by keeping it covered and removing the large debris you spot on the water’s surface.

Make sure the pool filter works as it should

The pool filter is designed to circulate the water in the pool and to eliminate as much debris as it can so you need to make sure you keep it on for at least 8 hours every day. If you keep it on for less or the system is no longer working properly, the pool water will become dirty and algae will soon develop inside it. If you notice that the pool water is getting cloudy, check the pool’s filtration system and make sure it works as it should and that the filter is not filled with debris.

Add a pool clarifier to collect all the debris

Small debris make the water look cloudy because they spread into the water and it’s harder for you or the pool filter to capture them. A useful solution is to add a pool clarifier that gathers the small particles into larger ones that are easier to collect from the water. You can get this product from a pool supply store and it’s best to use it every week to make sure the water stays crystal clear.

Use the pool flocculant to send the dirt to the bottom of the pool

Floating debris is a pain because every time you try to skim it, it floats to the sides so you can hardly collect one small particle. A pool flocculant can make this easier for you by sending the dirt to the pool’s floor so the robotic pool cleaner can easily collect it. The flocculant is also a chemical that you can buy from a store and it’s best to leave it act overnight and clean the pool in the morning.